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Podium Athletes was founded with one simple goal in mind: Help athletes and brands capitalize on the new changes around Name, Image, and Likeness. 

When the NCAA announced the new NIL rules, Tanner and Tannor knew they could make a difference and impact within the industry.


Tanner and Tannor both grew up playing sports from a young age and were three-sport varsity athletes in high school.


The Tanner and Tannor duo began in 2017 when they started their careers within the Athletics Marketing department at their Alma Matter, Grand Canyon University. While they may have the same name, (confusing, right?), they have had different paths that have led them to their love of sports. They quickly found their love for the sports industry while working with all of the Division I athletic teams on campus. Although they were in the same role, Tannor primarily focused on in-game entertainment and day to day operations, while Tanner’s primary focus was on the social media and marketing strategies throughout the year.


Tannor and Tanner helped paint Grand Canyon’s reputation as one of the best student sections in college basketball. They quickly realized that their different strengths and passions made them a phenomenal team.

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Founders of Podium Athletes
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